The Best Way to Experience the Atlas Mountains and the Merzouga Desert

Ah, the fresh air of the desert. The rush of trekking through the Atlas Mountains. The peace of camping under the stars in Merzouga. If these are the things that you desire, then look no further than desert tours from Marrakech to the Merzouga desert or a ravishing trek through the glorious Atlas Mountains.

Both destinations are surreal in the best way possible and offer unique experiences that are hard to come by anywhere else in the world. The Atlas Mountains boast a remarkable landscape and atmosphere that will leave you breathless, while the desert tours from Marrakech will introduce you to a new culture and way of life with a twist of adventure.

This article will explore the best way to experience these destinations, as well as what you can expect from each one.

Atlas Mountain Trekking 


The Atlas Mountains are truly a sight to behold. With their towering peaks and vast landscapes, it’s no wonder they’re a popular destination for trekkers worldwide. But there’s something about trekking in the Atlas Mountains that is unlike any other experience.

The air is fresh and crisp, the scenery is breathtaking, and the sense of adventure is palpable. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience, then Atlas Mountain trekking is definitely for you.

​With Toubkal Trekking Guide, you can explore the Atlas Mountains with a local guide who knows the area like the back of their hand. Toubkal is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, and it’s definitely a challenge for even the most experienced trekkers.

But with the help of a guide, you’ll be able to conquer the Toubkal Peak and enjoy the stunning views from the top. There’s a lot to learn about the Atlas Mountains and Toubkal Trekking Guide will ensure you have the best possible experience.

Merzouga Camping Trek


From the mountains of the Atlas to the desert of Merzouga, there’s no shortage of adventure in Morocco. Can you imagine being surrounded by nothing but sand dunes as far as the eye can see? Or watching the sunset over the desert while you camp under the stars?

With Merzouga Camping Trek, you can experience all of this and more. This desert tour from Marrakech takes you through some of Morocco’s most beautiful desert landscapes. With a local guide by your side, you’ll learn all about the desert ecosystem and the animals that call it home.

At night, you’ll camp in the desert and enjoy the peace and quiet of the desert night. There’s nothing quite like sleeping under the stars in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

If you’re looking for an adventure that you’ll never forget, then Merzouga Camping Trek is definitely for you. You can learn more here.

Book 5-day Atlas Mountain Trekking and Merzouga Camping Trek


Picture this; you wake up in your snow camp high up in the Atlas Mountains, the sun just starting to peek over the horizon. You step outside and take in the fresh mountain air and the stunning views of the landscape before you.

After a hearty breakfast, you set off on your trek for the day, crossing glaciers and traversing through snow-covered valleys. As you make your way higher and higher, the views just keep getting better and better, learning about the local flora and fauna from your experienced guide as you go.

Eventually, you reach the summit of Toubkal, the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains. You can see for miles in every direction, and it’s an absolutely incredible feeling. After a well-deserved rest, you make your way back down the mountain and return to your camp for the night.

The next day, you wake up early for a total of 180° – instead of snow-capped mountains, you’re now in the desert. You start your journey through the sand dunes of Merzouga, learning about the desert ecosystem from your local guide. The desert landscape is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and you can’t help but be mesmerized by it.

As the sun starts to set, you watch in awe as the sky turns beautiful shades of orange and red. You saddle up your camel as you continue to trek through the desert. You’ll ride for hours, the only sound being the gentle footsteps of your camel and the occasional desert animal. You can see the sand dunes stretching for as long as the eye can see.

After a few days of trekking, you’ll head back to Marrakech, where your adventure began. But this time, you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime.

This is what the 5-day trek looks like when you book with the Toubkal Trekking Guide. You’ll be able to experience the best of both worlds – the Atlas Mountains and the Merzouga Desert – and unleash your inner adventurer.

  • Day 1: Marrakech – Imlil – Sidi Chamharouch – Toubkal Refuge
  • Day 2: Toubkal Refuge (3207m) – Toubkal Summit (4167m) – Return to Imlil
  • Day 3: Imlil – Tichka pass (2260) – Ait Ben Hadou Kasbah – Dades Gorges
  • Day 4: Dades Gorge – Todra Gorge – Merzouga Sand Dunes
  • Day 5: Merzouga Erg Chebbi – Marrakech

Check out the full itinerary here and book your spot today.

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