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The Atlas Mountains and Merzouga Desert - Highlights of Atlas Escape Tours from Marrakech

We will pick you up from Marrakech, and take you on a comfortable journey into the wilderness. You will see the breathtaking Todra and Dades Gorge, drink tea with nomads, sleep under the stars in the Saharan dunes and of course, ride a camel. You will watch the sunset by camelback, and spend one night in a nomad tent, and return to civilisation on camel.

Depending upon the choice of either a day trip in Morocco or a fortnight expedition, you can catch spectacular glimpses of the Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert. The attractive tourist sites of Atlas Escape hold many fertile valleys, scenic hiking paths, abandoned Berber Valleys, and the highest summits of North Africa.

If you are planning a trip to Morocco, you must quickly grab a tour guide to help you highlight every destination spot you must visit. You get wonderful options of exploring the beautiful landscapes and jaw-dropping scenery along the way.

Here is a detailed guide to the destinations that you may encounter along the way to atlas mountain from Marrakech and desert tours:

Highlights of Atlas Escape: The Atlas Mountains and Desert trips are indeed one of the most exciting adventures to set out for. The tourists get the opportunity to get glimpses of the vastness of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert – a heavenly abode for trekkers. You seize the occasion when you venture camel riding in the desert, recollecting the splendid ancient times, and finally get to see the four summits. One of them is North Africa’s highest peak, Mount Toubkal, standing at an altitude of 4167m.

The splendid Atlas High Roads, scenic hiking paths, and Berber’s hospitality attract visitors to experience memorable tours.

Next, you head towards Agafay Desert Adventure, where you get to explore the beauty of the Morocco trek in a short span of your trip. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets of this tropical desert!

Toubkal And Merzouga Desert Trips:These trips give the tourists a dynamic and all-terrain experience. They get the opportunity to explore combined trips in Morocco that covers both Atlas and desert trip, including the destination of Toubkal and Merzouga.

The best option for Trekkers who are running low on time and can’t get along with the multi-day hikes is the Imlil trekking. This valley is 37 miles from Marrakech and is the core of many Atlas Mountain hiking routes.

So, the most top-notch places to pinpoint for trekking from Marrakech are Berber Valleys and scenic luxuriant Imlil Crossing Valley.

The fascinating hiking choice to Berber villages trek allows you to witness the most heavenly valleys of the Atlas Mountains like Inman valley, Azzaden valley, and following the route to Ait Mizane valley. These places give an insight into the Berber civilization.

Morocco Trekking:On the way to Marrakech, you get a chance to catch sight of magnificent waterfalls in the Toubkal National Park. It is the best Morocco trekking for hikers as they get to spend an enjoyable time with the locals; a farming community.

Moreover, the Morocco mountain biking tours allow you to explore the Atlas Mountains Single Tracks that have been present for hundreds of years. You get glimpses of the country’s grandeur in its rocky peaks, gorges, lush green valleys, and desert mountains.

You can plan full-day trekking in the Merzouga desert and bless yourself with the most beautiful sunrise view among the golden dunes. Get yourself a traditional breakfast to begin the journey of exploring the Sahara desert.

Next on the list is Chegaga trips from Marrakech, which calls for 3-days of travel. You see valleys, desert landscapes, and palm groves and ride on camels for a perfect adventure. Climbing the Sahara dunes and sleeping in tents under the open night sky adds a memorable experience to your Marrakech desert tours.

Morocco Atlas Mountain and Desert Tour Plans: Setting our for a biking tour in morocco will lead you to explore Atlas Escape and beautiful places like Anougal (Almond Land). Tourist agencies organize a wide range of Atlas Mountain and Desert tours to help you explore the most out of these tours. Some of these include:

Highlights of the High Atlas Mountains

The Berbers of the High Atlas Mountains

Also, you can book the Atlas to Sahara Grand Tour for a lifetime thrilling experience. You will set out on a ride within Morocco city, passing by the highest Tincha Pass in North Africa. On your way, you will get to capture the view of the Anti-Atlas range and the very edge of the Sahara Desert.

During this grand tour, you will catch sight of the best landscapes of the desert. You will venture hiking on the sandy crust Sahara desert, ride 4X4 trucks and pass by dry river beds, palm oases, dunes, and other spectacular spots.

And ending the tour by moving back towards the north between the mountains of High Atlas to discover the land of roses and incredible canyons. You can also explore the rose valley by planning a visit to Dades from Marrakech.

Another three days of Mhamid tours from Marrakech will share all the beautiful highlights of the Sahara Desert landscape and visit destinations 

such as Ait Ben Haddou, spectacular Kasbahs, and Tamnougalt. On your way, you see the palm-line Draa Valley and reach towards Mhamid Valley. A perfect trip for camel riding!

The  Fes to Marrakech tour by the Sahara Desert gives the tourists a two-day excursion. You will get to know the historical side of Morocco and visit your way locations such as the Erg Chebbi dunes, the cedar forest of Azrou, etc.

Build yourself a camp in the Berber tent and enjoy the scenic beauty of Morocco! This overnight adventure will leave you to wind up in the high mountains and slip into the soaring river of Atlas Escape.

To Sum Up!

Tourists get to explore the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech and the Sahara Desert dunes to the fullest with the help of the best tourist agencies. They ensure to plan a trip by providing an exhilarating experience for a lifetime!

Every Atlas trek is tailored according to the season and tourists’ fitness level. You can go hiking, ride a mountain bike or go camel riding and explore various spots to enjoy the weather and beauty of nature to the fullest.