High Atlas Mountain Treks

Want to experience rugged nature and traditional culture? Then hiking the High Atlas Mountains should be at the top of your list! Experience amazing treks under the snow-capped peaks of its highest mountains. Gain insight into the traditional way of life in this raw, remote and stunning region.


Hiking in the High Atlas Mountains

Feel peace and power in the mountains

Beautifully raw and wild, the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco are one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Despite being only a short drive from Marrakech, the High Atlas Mountains seem on another planet. These mountains offer numerous hiking opportunities for all levels, from day trips to multi-day expeditions. Beautiful paths snake through lush valleys, and rocky trails lead you across otherworldly passes and onto the highest peaks, framed by the awe-inspiring backdrop of Mount Toubkal; the roof of North Africa. Meanwhile, there are plenty of opportunities to refresh and rejuvenate in the traditional Berber villages which scatter the mountainsides, and here you will gain insight into another way of life. These valleys and their inhabitants remain relatively untouched by modern culture and offer a true adventure back to the past, whilst also offering the possibility of homestays and delicious cooked meals. From biking to hiking, continue reading to find out more about the High Atlas Mountains tours we offer!

Highlights of the High Atlas Mountains

Check out what we offer; from day trips to multiday hikes, from valleys to summits, from biking to hiking, we are sure you will find the perfect High Atlas Mountain trip with us!

The Berbers of the High Atlas Mountains

Morocco has always stood at the crossroads of Empires. The Romans, Arabs, Spanish and French have all faught to occupy this rich land. However, the impenetrable Atlas Mountains provided a natural barrier to invaders, and the native Amazigh (Berber) people were able to preserve their culture, language and way of life for centuries. Our tours give you a chance to immerse yourself in the culture of the original people of this beautiful land.

You will see their flat-roofed homes, made completely of local materials featuring stone and earth. They still practice traditional farming, using ancient terracing and irrigation methods to grow their crops in the fertile valleys, and herd their livestock across the steep mountain slopes. Visit these villages, and experience a different lifestyle that has managed to persist over hundreds of years. You are sure to learn something from this humble lifestyle, and bring it back with you to the hectic and often overwhelming modern world.

Toubkal National Park

Our hiking tours are largely focussed on trips in Toubkal National Park – although, check out our other trips to the Saghro Mountain and M’goun! Morocco’s oldest national park , it offers countless hiking trails for all fitness levels across green, fertile valleys, up mountain passes, past high mountain lakes and through Berber villages all with the backdrop of the mighty Mount Toubkal. Here, the honking of car horns will be replaced by the sounds of chickens, donkeys, birds and rivers. Wind down, and breath the fresh mountain air as you experience a different side to Morocco.

Mount Toubkal

Among the most renowned treks in the High Atlas is hiking to the summit of Mount Toubkal. Towering at 4167m above sea level, this is the highest peak in North Africa. Despite the elevation, it amongst the world’s least technical 4000m climbs, with a relatively easy way to the summit, making it possible for you to accomplish what you thought was not possible. Often starting from the Berber village of Imlil, you will hike through stunning high mountain villages, climb stunning mountain passes, and trek to the summit to watch an unforgettable sunrise illuminate the surrounding peaks. We offer a range of tours suiting all needs, budgets, trip lengths and fitness levels. 

What to expect?

Experience the mountains with added comfort. Your journey will begin from Marrakech, where a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle will drive you up the snaking road to the High Atlas Mountains. It is only a 1.5hour drive from chaos to serenity.
All of our tours are full-board, so your body will be fueled with delicious, healthy Moroccan food.

Availability and dates

Experience the mountains with added comfort. Your journey will begin from Marrakech, where a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle will drive you up the snaking road to the High Atlas Mountains. It is only a 1.5hour drive from chaos to serenity.
All of our tours are full-board, so your body will be fueled with delicious, healthy Moroccan food.

Food on the tour

You will eat delicious, fresh, local meals cooked by your guides or in the accommodation. And do not forget about the litres mint tea! Example meals include:

What about my dietry requirements?

Let us know in advance, and we are more than happy to cater for your specific dietry needs.

Start and end point

You will be picked up in private, air-conditioned vehicle directly to and from your accommodation in Marrakech. Want to spend another night in the mountains? No problem! We can cater to that.

How to book and pay?

We accept payments in Moroccan dirham, euros, dollars, or British pounds. Payment in cash, or by bank transfer. If you wish to pay in another currency, get in touch! Together we will figure it out.

Cultural considerations

Rural Moroccans still live a traditional way of life. So it is advised to dress a little more conservative than you are used to. For women, this means that shoulder, chest and knees are covered, and for men, shoulders and knees. It will also protect you from the hot sun, and help you to stay cooler.

Your luggage for the trip will be carried my mules, to help take the weight off your shoulders. If you have some additional luggage you wish to keep in Imlil, we can arrange a secure place for you to store these items.
What to pack?

Visitors are advised to prepare for mountain conditions. It is normally warm and exposed during the day, and cold in the evenings, and very cold on the summit!  You will feel the raw power of the mountains. Note: there are opportunities to rent equipment. Let us know in advance.

  • Good hiking shoes are absolutely essential. The trail is long and can be rough and uneven at times, good foot support will make the journey far more enjoyable.
  • Light comfortable clothes for the hiking. Light, long sleeves and long pants are ideal hiking attire as they will help to keep the sun off. 
  • Warm layers, for the night and the early morning start on the second day. A jacket, long pants, gloves, and a warm hat are recommended, as the morning will be very cold.
  • Sun protection. The sun at high elevations is strong. It is wise to bring sunscreen, a sun hat, and polarized sunglasses, as much of the hike is very exposed.
  • A buff or a scarf. This will help protect your face from the wind as well as help you to keep warm the morning of the summit .
  • Lip balm & moisturizer. This is one that is easily forgotten, but when coming to areas drier than our skin is used to, lip balm and moisturizer are an essential part of staying comfortable.
  • Trekking poles (optional). Some of the terrain is fairly uneven, trekking poles can be helpful for navigating these parts, and for the steep downhill, to keep the weight off your knees.
  • Ice axe and crampons (November-April). These will be necessary for navigating winter conditions on the mountain.
  • Camera (optional). The views from the top are incredible.
  • Your favourite snacks (optional). The hike, although not exceptionally long is at a very high altitude, which can make it very tiring. Although your guide will have some nuts and dates for sustenance, a little bit of your favourite chocolate or candy can come in handy. Experience has shown that having chocolate or your favourite snack, on hand can be a big morale booster when the going gets tough. Know your body and your energy levels.
  • A sleeping bag (optional). Although the refuge offers blankets, some prefer to have their own sleeping bag as well 
  • Portable Power Bank (optional). If you spend a lot of time on your favourite device and want to charge it overnight, a portable power bank may be necessary, as the refuge near the summit may not have consistent power.

Other outdoor activities available to tourists include Toubkal biking and hiking tours, ski touring, Sahara desert tours, and excursions or day trips. From camping trips to luxury holidays in Morocco staying in five-star mountain lodges such as Kasbah du Toubkal, the trips can be suited to your dates and needs.