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Are you limited in time, and hoping to experience the diversity of Moroccan culture and landscape? Then this might be the trip for you. Starting in Morocco’s biggest city, Casablanca, we will show you a different side than the normal tourist experience. You will then have city tours of the imperial cities of Meknes and Fes, followed by Marrakech and Essaouira. Then we will take you to the mighty Sahara by camel trekking, and visit ancient Kasbahs; you will follow the typical tourist trail in an unconventional way.

This page displays the best Morocco Tours of a lifetime that come with unique and enjoyable experiences. Your trip to Morocco will never be the same, especially when you have a trekking guide. All the Morocco tours offer an unmatched experience that suits your desires, budget, and time! Let’s head to Morocco!

During your walking tours, an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide will be very helpful. They understand the local language and know the terrains of different places in Morocco.

Depending on your travel company, every detail of the Morocco tour is carefully designed to meet your unique needs and desires. Safety is a top priority during your walking tours. With the trekking guide in place, you’ll know what to do next from start to finish. The drivers are highly knowledgeable and experienced in driving you through various destinations during the tour.

More than that, reputable restaurants, hotels, and local guides come in handy during this time. They’re carefully selected based on experience, safety, and the understanding of all travelers.

Discover the Royal Cities:

Red City Marrakech

There are many exciting cities in Morocco that you’re likely to visit during your Morocco tour. Among them is Marrakech, popularly known as the Red City. It’s a possible destination for most travelers visiting Morocco. Its uniqueness makes it the Moroccan tourist capital. It’s a city that never sleeps because of the many tourists who visit throughout the year.

An experienced Morocco travel company will guide you through the city, where you’ll enjoy several experiences. For example, you’ll visit Jamma El-Fna Square, where the local people congregate to tell stories and showcase their talents and abilities. Also, you will visit Majorelle’s famous gardens and see the Koutoubia Mosque, the highest building in Morocco.

Fes, the Scientific City

Fes is often known to be Morocco’s cultural capital and forms a critical part of all Morocco tours. This scientific city has an extensive history of serving as a religious education center for Muslims. For this reason, you’re likely to see many schools and institutions across Fes. You will also see al-Qarawiyyin University, the oldest university in the world. Moreover, you’ll see local madrassas during your visit to Fes.

Rabat, the capital city of Morocco

Rabat became Morocco’s capital city when it gained independence. The city has exciting landmarks, such as the Hassan Tower, which was supposed to be the world’s largest mosque. But, it now exists as a minaret.

Morocco tours are not ordinary tours but an experience to remember. Please ensure to take photos during your Morocco tours and make every moment last. Visit Morocco today to experience the unique culture, history, local food, and walking tours to the royal cities.

When people throw around the word ‘exotic’, they’re probably referring to places like Morocco. Places where riding a camel over dunes while the sun shimmers dramatically on the horizon is not an unusual thing. Where tagines come spiked with saffron and argan, carpet merchants haggle in the bazaars, and Berber tribesmen herd goats on the slopes of the High Atlas Mountains. A is basically the answer to all your Lawrence of Arabia-type fantasies (right down to the swirling white djellabas): you’ll stay in historic riads, camp beneath the Saharan stars, and enjoy some classic Maghreb hospitality (usually featuring plenty of cous cous). Whether it’s the wind-battered port town of Essaouira or the crumbling Kasbahs and oases of the deep desert – ‘exotic’ doesn’t come close.


  • Start your tour from your favorite hotel in any of Morocco's exotic cities, including Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, Tangier, or Errachidia.
  • Immerse yourself fully in the Moroccan culture. The local Berber villages and people are a perfect experience for visitors.
  • Learn the rich history of Morocco and visit ancient archeological sites.
  • Take part in Morocco camel trekking, dunes experience, sleeping under the starry skies, and watching as the sun rises over the Sahara desert.
  • Take outstanding pictures while at the blue city of Chefchaouen.
  • Relax with the Hammam
  • Have a taste and learn how to cook some of your favorite Moroccan cuisines.
  • You'll also experience top adventure excursions, romantic getaways, culture, music, history, and much more!

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Morocco Tours